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Monday, August 16, 2010

Doing a workshop and reading at The Seattle Anarchist Book Fair at The Vera Project this weekend @ 10:30

The workshop:
Building Bridges between Self-Care & Radical Social Change:
By linking boundary setting and cultural organizing, the workshop highlights the centrality of culture to radical social movements’ imaginations of liberation. It considers the profound impact art, music and culture have on how people and communities heal from violence, resist oppression, and work towards social justice.

About The Seattle Anarchist Book Fair:
The SAB is an organizing group that is strategically focusing on getting more folks from the Pacific Northwest into conversations to help grow and nurture our revolt; to encourage each other through critical analysis to reach a crucial potential.

"We hope that our workshops and panels will be packed with folks from our communities engaging in discourse about things directly affecting our lives, whether it be strategies or tactics for resistance for putting theory into practice, or how to celebrate our creative passions. We think it is important to be cultivating our own ideas and art, projects and relationships, so that we aren’t lulled into complacency by Anarchist “experts” who have answers for us."

Those of you in Seattle, I hope to see you there!